November 16, 2016

August 11, 2016

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September 9, 2015

KHANYISILE a Zulu name, a word that means she who brought LIGHT! 
Five years ago that was not the case, I was bright from all the attention and publicity I attracted. more like KHANYISILE, she that is too bright! (Public perception) 
A girl any mother would pray not to have as a gift for her son, but a deep dark fantasy every woman had hidden in their dirty saucy minds. 
A dirty twisted fantasy for the rich and free spirited. 
A poor girls idol and a bad taste for the educated and uptight. 
When living lavish was not a blessing  or slayage nor serving but a sign of laziness and a bad up bringing. Hoping from one boyfriend to another , and allegedly breaking up solid homes was as bad as Ebola. Where showcasing designer shoes, cars and material was considered crass, so crass it had to be addressed on third degree.. Five years later I still own the the name KHANYISILE, now considered as She who SHINES, (public perception) older, mature and owns a utility bill.. Accepted by many as I am not doing anything different but also waits in traffic and Pays tax every month. 
The very ones that insinuated that her LIGHT was too bright a distraction from ones true talent are the very ones (izinyoka) stealing my cables! 
Moral of the story is.... DO NOT FIND COMFORT IN BEING LIKED BY EVERY ONE! Because being liked by all simply means you are no challenge. Nobody likes a challenge. You are not bringing change, humans fear change! 
Love those who respect you only as they appreciate your growth as they see the mile travelled into your  growth. 
Remember people will always Talk!! That's what we do to make life seem shorter as it is long! So always be genuine and do you for you only have your self! Your name is the only thing you ought to explain to anybody!! #PEARLOFTHEDAY!  Have a wonderful and prosperous week! #BETHELIGHT! #KHANYISILE #QOB CAUTION: READ SLOWLY TO UNDERSTAND... ( had to edit this in bcoz society does not READ TO UNDERSTAND.

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