November 16, 2016

August 11, 2016

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November 18, 2015

Letter Of Appreciation.
Hi, sis Khanyi. 
My initial plan was to send this letter of appreciation on the 6th of January 2016 when I receive my matric results. I couldn't wait. 
One Sunday at my church, the theme of the church service was "More Than Conquers" , I was deeply intrigued by it as it gave me hope that I can achieve more than what I think I can. However as I applied this positive concept in my life, I still didn't see the change I was hoping to see in myself.
Ever since I've been in school for the past 11 years I've let myself be driven by what makes my family happy. As much as it is important to make my family happy it is prominent and crucial too to make MYSELF happy. I've always been at school to get good grades to please my family. I even spent much time learning the art of getting good grades than actual learning as far as the school is concerned.  
But this year. Hmmm.
After I've seen your character, I realised that you do YOU and not to please anyone else but yourself. 
That's one crucial lesson I've learnt this yeah.
I adopted that kind of attitude at the beginning of the 2nd term and ever since I've n e v e r in my life written so well as I was, this time, self-driven and goal-driven. 
I Thank You for being such a magnificent figure whom one can learn a few aspects of life from. 
I Thank You for being a light to me and showing me that I am indeed More Than A Conquer. 
Thank You for being YOU.
Thank You, Sis Khanyi. Ngiyabonga.



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